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Large-Scale Events & Entertainment Travel

a thorough management solution coordination, budget, itinerary, logistics, location, transportation and security.


Large-Scale Events & Entertainment Travel

Maria Mendez – Travel for Change has the 411 on all of your travel needs. The Travel for Change team does not just sit behind a desk making reservations. They are constantly networking with current and potential partners, experiencing first-hand services and property amenities, and keep abreast of travel, health and safety alerts.

Maria’s vast experience of over 20 years in the entertainment, events and travel industries is evident in her extensive knowledge and expertise in tailor made arrangements and itineraries for A-List celebrities of various industries and high profile clients from all around the globe. In 2010, she began the expansion of the Entertainment Department which garnered her the opportunity to work with high-profile artists such as: Beyonce Knowles, Celestine Knowles, Solange Knowles, Frank Ocean, Joe Thomas, The Mavericks, among others.

Her planning process is conducted with the utmost discretion and can incorporate any special accommodations that might be required for privacy and security. In addition, your crew, entourage and families are cared for with the same level of attention, Maria’s long-time relationships with the top suppliers in the travel industry makes it possible for her to offer exclusive VIP amenities, protection, upgrades, and other valuable benefits.

Top Experience

Super Bowl XLVII featuring Beyonce
(New Orleans, LA - 2013)

Collaboration in WYD
(Rio, Bazil - 2013)

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The Dominican Medical Association Symposium
(Havana, Cuba - 2018)

VI Medical Symposium audience with Pope Francis
(Vatican City State - 2019)


“It was a true spiritual experienc that I will never forget – traveling to Rome and the Vatican, meeting Pope Francis and shaking his hand. It was an honor to meet Dr. Ramon Tallaj as well as the doctors and personnel of SOMOS. The cherry on top was having artist Raul Di Blasio perform for all of us at the end. All in all, I had an unbelievable time and am grateful for the opportunity. Arrivederci!”

Benicio del Toro

“To learn about and connect with that great institution that is SOMOS … start a professional relationship and solid friendship with some of its members, especially with my already great friend, that visionary and tireless worker Ramon Tallaj … perform a satisfactory musical presentation for all the guests of SOMOS, thanks to the help of my tireless team that ITU ‘provided all the requested facilities … and culminate with the UNFORGETTABLE finishing touch, sponsored and organized by SOMOS, as was the visit and personal greeting to His Holiness Pope Francis in the Vatican, makes this experience an unrepeatable moment.”

Raúl Di Blaslo
“Coming face-to-face with His Holiness Pope Francis was a very significant event in my life and in my career which enriched and strengthened my spirituality. This experience made me realize the immense possibilities of positive influence that can be achieved through travel by all who have the opportunity to experience it.”

María Mendez

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