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Día de Los Muertos Honor the memory of your ancestors and the continuity of life


Day of the Dead is a festive, joyous and religious celebration that is one of the most important in Mexico. Families honor the memory of their ancestors and the continuity of life with the belief that the souls of departed loved ones return to visit once a year. A blend of ancient indigenous and European Catholic traditions, Día de Los Muertos is not a time of mourning. It is believed the practice began long before the Spanish conquest, perhaps as early as the Olmec civilization more than 3,000 years ago.

In an effort to convert the indigenous people to Catholicism, the church incorporated the Aztec celebration with All Saints’ Day and All Hallows Eve (Halloween). The celebrations begin on October 31 and continue through November 2 with the preparations beginning weeks in advance. Although the skeleton is a predominant symbol for both Halloween and Día de Los Muertos, the meaning is very different. In Mexico, the skeleton (calavera) represents the dead playfully mimicking the living and not a macabre symbol at all.

About Day of the Dead:
What it is and isn’t!

We offer three unique itineraries each giving you the opportunity to join in on the festivities whiling learning about the culture, traditions and rituals that formed and is Día de Los Muertos.

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