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“ I like the people that vibrate, those that do not need to be pushed forward or told what to do, but rather that they know what to do and that they do it. People who cultivate their dreams until those dreams overpower their own reality. I like people with the capacity to assume the consequences of their actions, people who risk the truth for the uncertain to pursue a dream, who allow themselves to flee from sensible advice, leaving the solutions in the hands of God our Father. “

The People I Like, Mario Benedetti.

A short time ago I read this poem and I felt so identified with this first paragraph … It reminded me of so many experiences and the reasons why I wake up every day; for my dreams.

I have been in the tourism industry for more than 25 years. An industry that helps to connect people, to know new places, new destinations, to recharge energy, to close successful deals and to offer indelible artistic tours in the memory of the public.

I have participated in great events, I have coordinated multi-day trips with a long list of destinations, I have been presented with challenges and I have overcome each of them. But this story that I am telling you, really, is not told in the first person singular. This is in the first person plural. We have created, achieved and exceeded each of the goals that we have set for ourselves. And this time it will be no different.

I want to thank each and every one of you for wanting to go to the next level with me in this new project. I thank you for the support, the effort, the initiatives and even the criticisms, to be of this project, something better. Thank you for being part of this team that will soon become a great community. Thank you for always giving your best to offer the best of services. Thanks for your collaboration and for being supportive of this that was a longing:
God, my family, First in Service, Julia Sosa, Marifel Hernández, Ismael Cala, Jacques Giraud, Fernanda Prieto, Alejandro Ramos, María Eugenia Ruan, Lissette Hernández, Karin Franchi, Trish Toribio, Gulupa and Aldo Millones.

We have reaped the fruits and we are only at the beginning. I know that with the constant support we receive and with the quality of service we provide, we will continue to achieve great things. Thanking you from the heart,

Team Members

María Eugenia Ruan

Travel Coordinator

Ms. Ruan is an extremely motivated person constantly developing her skills which enhance her personal and professional growth. Maria Eugenia is currently studying Finance, Stock Market Concentration and is part of the Travel Planning Department at María Méndez – Travel for Change. In 2018 she took a course at the Latin American University of Science and Technology in Human Resources and another in Digital Marketing. From 2015 to 2017, she studied economics at Broward College. Maria’s skills include: excellent customer service, sales experience, excellent communication skills, is a team player, and has the ability to work efficiently under pressure. Her native language is Spanish and she has an excellent command of English.

    Marifel Hernández


    Ms. Hernández is Dominican, an industrial engineer, the eldest of 4 sisters, and her passions are: being a mother and reading. Among the attributes that Marifel possesses, service and order stand out and are what maintains her employed in Tourist Destination Management and as Coordinator of the Travel Planning Department of María Méndez – Travel for Change. Since 2015, Marifel has been Maria’s right hand in travel logistics. She is currently seeking to continue acquiring more knowledge of the travel industry and offering the best of services.

    Lissette Hernández

    Executive Assistant

    Ms. Hernández has a degree in Financial Management and Auditing. As a professional, she is dedicated to finance and information management. Lissette’s role at María Méndez – Travel for Change is Management Assistant. She is a proactive, organized and visionary person who enjoys teamwork and helping others, because she firmly believes in work synergy.

    Alejandro Ramos

    Web Developer and Designer

    Mr. Ramos is a Developer and Web Designer with over 19 years of professional life, based in Medellín, Colombia. Alejandro is passionate about music, cooking, and the digital era. “A design must be structured, efficient and meticulous to obtain impressive projects, focused on user experience, movement and interaction.”

    María Fernanda Prieto

    Product Designer

    With a background in Visual Communication, majoring in Graphic Design, Ms. Prieto has worked in different areas in the graphic arts sector. Fernanda has held positions in different types of companies and has a special preference for working in non-profit organizations. She is passionate about colors and shapes, likes challenges and creativity and enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas. Fernanda has had the opportunity to work with very wise people from whom she has learned a lot about her personality and teamwork. Her role at María Méndez Travel for Change is a Graphic Designer and collaborator of the Content Development team in the Marketing Department.

      Trish Evangely Toribio

      Travel Advisor

      Ms. Toribio is an Industrial Engineer with a Master in Supply Chain Management. Trish is adventurous, proactive, and empathetic and likes excursions and coordinating new adventures. Having a wanderlust spirit allows her to help others achieve their destination goals. No matter how complex the idea of a trip is, Trish takes charge in providing the best guidance and in looking for the optimal alternative so that when the trip program is finalized, it is the one that encompasses both the convenience and the expectation of the beneficiary.