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A native Dominican based in New York. Strategist in Management and Logistics of Corporate Travel, Entertainment, Events and Personal Travel for the last 25 years globally. Established networking opportunities with companies such as Eden Capital (fka Unifund) and SOMOS Community Care. As well as with tour managers of international figures such as Beyonce Knowles, Frank Ocean, Joe Thomas, The Mavericks, The Band Perry, Ismael Cala, Raul Di Blasio, Benicio del Toro, among others, and in large scale events including SuperBowl XLVII (USA) and World Youth Day (Brazil). She has also organized audiences with renowned personalities such as Pope Francis.
She has trained in prominent schools with various mentors in topics such as leadership and influence, assertive communication, interpersonal relationships, creation of conscious tribes, neurolinguistic programming, business development and tourism, as well as in Sustainable Project Management with the Inter-American Development Bank ( IDB). Maria is the president of Vacation Is a Human Right, Inc. (VIAHR), a private non-profit foundation, committed to the well-being of the human being by incorporating several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as her organization’s mission. She is dedicated to volunteer service with SOMOS Community Care, a network of more than 2,500 physicians, which has been formed to ensure better health care for the most vulnerable communities of New York City.


Raise awareness among executives and travelers about the importance of traveling with less luggage to reduce carbon emissions, as well as encourage gratitude towards the countries visited and the understanding of the origin of the commodities used during travel.


To be a leading company in management and logistics of personal and corporate travel, as well as in entertainment and face-to-face and hybrid events. Providing the best advice, maximizing travel ideas and offering exceptional experiences. All this with an approach focused on caring for the environment and social responsibility.



Environmental awareness

We promote sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in all our services and activities.



We strive to offer high quality travel management and logistics. Guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers in all their experiences.



We value and encourage gratitude towards the countries visited, recognizing their culture, resources, and contributions to our trips.


Social responsibility

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of local communities, supporting social initiatives, and collaborating with suppliers committed to social responsibility.



We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and offer creative and personalized solutions to the needs of our customers.



Promote environmental awareness

Encourage executives and travelers to travel with less luggage to reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact.


Provide the best travel experience

Ensure that every customer has an exceptional travel experience by providing high-quality advice, maximizing travel ideas, and offering efficient management and logistics.


Boost gratitude and social responsibility

Educate travelers on the importance of being grateful to the countries visited and understanding the origin of commodities used during travel, thus encouraging a more conscious and responsible approach.


To be leaders in travel management

To establish itself as a reference in the field of travel management, offering innovative, efficient, and personalized services that adapt to the changing needs of customers.


Contribute to sustainable development

Promote sustainable practices in the travel and events industry, collaborating with suppliers and partners committed to caring for the environment and supporting social responsibility initiatives.