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How to manage business travel in 2022

If we could focus on one word as to what will come to us in 2022, I say it is: CHALLENGE

The year begins and with it will come the implementation of the objectives set as a company. A challenge for every business is sustained profitability that is commensurate with the positive mental state of the business. Another challenge is not having reports of investment losses in the first quarter of the year.

Business trips represent an essential investment and sometimes due to external factors they generate losses if they are not managed properly. A responsible organization is aware that we are facing a year of recovery after many restrictions, but nothing can guarantee the development of everything planned.

Being responsible for investment losses due to misdirection of the movement of human resources to other locations is a topic of great interest and the challenge is to not lose money due to trips canceled at the last minute.

Having the support of a qualified agent that is able to delegate the management of corporate travel with the knowledge of restrictions, opportunities and trends of the travel industry that contribute to the growth of the company, is the desire of all.

I enjoy advising organizations on how to manage business trips so that under my supervision, compliance with the requirements of the company is carried out and they can achieve the objectives with the lowest loss range, although the future is uncertain for everyone.

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