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It’s time to be a HERO and get vaccinated!

I share with you that I have just been recognized by Somos Community Care for my work as a volunteer in the vaccination efforts against COVID-19.

There I am right in front of Times Square and I must admit that I have never felt so heroic and so much a New Yorker, even though I was not born here, New York has adopted me. That is why I wanted to do my bit and give back a little of that affection that this city has given me. The people and all of the communities of New York are what makes this city great. 

Marvel and Somos Community Care have formed a team to promote getting vaccinated to the Latino, Asian and African American communities which are the ones mostly affected by misinformation and economic hardship.

This campaign includes a comic book featuring the Avengers superheroes and, as you can imagine, it is aimed at all of those children who do not have the resources and scientific information to encourage them to get vaccinated.

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So now you know, no one is left behind, with everyone vaccinated, everyone is safe.

Maria Mendez

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