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The most asked questions on an airplane.

In this week with the focus on passenger behavior, I bring you the questions that arise when making a trip.
They are questions that we have heard in our minds or asked by a child with a desire to understand the world.

Why can’t I use my mobile phones?

You can put your phone in AIRPLANE MODE, which is allowed. Although flights offer Wi-Fi, the request to turn it off during the flight is a matter of extreme caution. For years we’ve heard that cell phone signals can interfere with in-flight navigation systems. Although it is not a proven fact, it does not mean that someone can ensure that it does not happen.

It may be exaggerated but I wonder if someone would take the risk of taking a flight without this restriction and live the risk.

Why can’t I smoke on the plane?

This still needs to be explained…
At the end of the 1980s, the airlines in the USA prohibited smoking, after 20 years, it is prohibited on all flights.
There were 2 major reasons for this to be mandated:

  • The risk of fire during the flight
  • The harmful health effects of secondhand smoke on crew and passengers

Currently both smoking and vaping are prohibited. But since there is full knowledge that not all people abide by the rules, there are still ashtrays on the bathroom doors.

Why do I need to keep the window shades open and the seat upright?

The airline crew will always give instructions for everyone’s safety. You will hear these instructions:

  • Open the window blinds
  • Lock the trays
  • Straighten the seats

Before taking off and before landing there are certain risks and in order to take precautions in case of an emergency evacuation, it is appropriate that the trays and reclining seats are in the correct position because they can be a barrier.
The request for the blinds to be open is so that the crew and passengers can have a full view of the conditions outside and, in the event of an emergency, know which door to use.

Why can’t everyone be assigned to an emergency exit seat?

Passengers who can occupy the seats in the exit row must have a profile according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FEDERAL REGULATION) to comply with its regulations:

  • Be 15 years old or older
  • Have strength
  • Mobility
  • Visual and oral ability
  • Ability to understand and follow commands
  • Ability to impart information in English to other passengers

The flight attendant has the authority to help you change your location if you do not meet these criteria’s. Obviously children and/or pets cannot occupy these exit row seats.

It is worth mentioning that excuses such as: I need room for my legs or additional payments that I have made for the seat could influence the decision of the crew.

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