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The most purchased accessories in 2021

Although the year 2021 was complicated for tourism, many trips were made by company employees. Corporate trips that were not canceled and carried out with innovative modalities, one of them was upgrading luggage.

I share with you the 6 most purchased items by passengers for their travel experiences:

  1. Face masks: It was by far the most purchased item. For people with particular tastes, there are aesthetic alternatives that meet safety standards.
  2. Luggage: The choice of larger hand luggage with storage capacity, with dimensions compatible with the overhead compartments.
  3. Face shield: Offers an additional level of protection when used in conjunction with masks, ideal for crowded spaces.
  4. Vaccination card holders: Cases that allow visibility of the COVID vaccination information document to place it in a backpack, wallet for easy access.
  5. Earplugs: For those who are used to sleeping during a trip.
  6. Electronic organizers to hold all your tech accessories: A convenient bag to keep cables and components organized. Protected throughout your travels, you ensure they will be in good working order at the destination. This element is very important for corporate travel.

We will not stop traveling to carry out those projects, those alliances or rest trips. What we can do is turn those trips into good learning experiences. Being aware of the impact we cause in our journey.

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