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What is happening in the Dominican Republic?

There is a very special place that has reported a record number of tourists in November. It is none other that the Dominican Republic which has welcomed more than 500 thousand tourists in the past month. This was indicated by the country’s Ministry of Tourism as well as that numbers are 12% higher than in 2019, indicating that 4.2 million tourists have visited the Caribbean country this year.

It is possible that the sum of several components has made this possible. One of them may be the approval of tourism projects for 550 million dollars, as indicated by the National Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores).

This private organization has the special intention of promoting the importance of investments, as well as demonstrating the confidence they have in the investors of the Caribbean country and the advantage that it is a growth of domestic tourism.
The launch of new hotels in Santo Domingo, the new Taíno Park cruise terminal in Puerto Plata and theme parks are some of the elements that interweave in this very positive projection for the region.

Contact me if you want to visit this destination and experience this good news firsthand.

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