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10 global trends for 2022 that will also affect tourism and the MICE sector.

Sometimes I like to seek out new trends of which some have made me reconsider.

What is clear is that next year, 2022, will be dominated by the need to adapt to the new post-COVID reality.

  • Democracy vs. autocracy. The United States versus China, and not only in trade but there will be a general contrast between both political systems and yes, also in the tourism sector.
  • The COVID pandemic will become endemic. New drugs, treatments, pills, antivirals and of course vaccines, but there are still 2 problems: anti vaccines and the lack of development and aid in one part of the world. Unless vaccination rates increase around the world (not just the developed one), the coronavirus will become one of many endemic diseases that affect the poor but not the rich.
  • Inflation will continue to rise. We spoke about it recently in reference to the great global blackout, we know that energy is not being well managed and the disruptions of global supply chains are driving prices up. Of particular concern is the case of the United Kingdom due to post-Brexit post-Brexit labor shortages and dependency.
  • Work, telework or both. More and more people are teleworking from home, but more regularized, especially fiscally and with remote monitoring.

Will we finally have a conciliation model for those of us who are mothers?

The new techlash, short for technology and backlash that can be translated as a reaction against the excessive power accumulated by large technology companies.

  • Cryptocurrencies remain. Greater regularization and domestication for the cryptocurrency market.One day I have to get serious and get to know how they work … if someone knows, please explain it to me under comments.
  • Climate crisis. Sustainability and urgency for a climate crisis that can no longer be questioned in heat waves, floods, hurricanes and other climate responses.

We have already talked about this on the post, the carbon footprint and tourism.

  • Tourism is recovering but at different speeds according to various countries. Tourism Activity is recovering as economies open up. But the countries with the lowest vaccination rates face the difficult task of managing a virus that does not understand economics or policies.
  • The space race. We also discussed this on the post of Travel for Change LinkedIn, the race and special tourism. Everything seems to indicate that 2022 will be the year in which more private travelers will go to space transported by competing space tourism companies.
  • Sport as a political tool. Sports unite the world, even if I am not a big fan of football; I recognize the value of sporting events. The Winter Olympics in Beijing and the Soccer World Cup in Qatar will remind us of how these sporting events often end up being political tools, something that we should avoid.

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