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A new type of tourism: sustainable and with a purpose

On November 30, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by BISILA BOKOKO, through the NegociosTV networks, a meeting where we were able to talk about my vision as a generator of travel experiences.

I had the opportunity to express my three fundamental pillars when organizing a business trip:

  • It is the special care that I put into the security of our participants and hosts.
  • Merge creativity with technology to create impressive experiences, always hand in hand with sustainability.
  • That the experience becomes something memorable for the participants.

Due to my experience as a travel manager, recurrent questions arise about how to carry out these fundamentals when managing the trips of relevant people in the world of music. My position is always simple: empathy to meet the expectations of my client.

Maria Mendez Travel for Change was born from the vision created from the COVID-19 pandemic. I understood that this world event would change things at the travel level and I want to reflect on that. My approach is to offer sustainable and purposeful tourism.

Despite having more than 25 years working as a travel manager, I spent 16 years without taking a vacation and that had consequences on my health. I then understood that taking a vacation was a human right and that was the reason for creating the VIAHR Foundation.

This foundation aims to raise awareness in individuals to take pauses.

Bisila asked me a very visionary question, what changes have I seen in the tourism industry since I started?

The tourism industry has changed so much; I believe that technology has been an important component since we can have a presence at an event virtually and face-to-face.

I have seen a level of consciousness regarding caring for the environment.

Sustainable tourism

It is tourism that respects natural resources, it is to be aware of how our actions impact the environment we visit. Caring for the environment is not a passing trend; it is a way of life.

Accomplishing sustainable tourism is having a responsible attitude: when we respect those cultures, we share and investigate their needs in order to provide solutions.

That is why we both conclude that: “Tourism has become the salvation of the world.”

Click on the link to see the complete interview.

Contact me for the organization of sustainable and purposeful corporate trips for your company.

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