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Being one of the first to board the plane can save you…

It is surprising the number of external elements controlled or not, of what can happen at the moment of boarding a flight and later when taking off.

What I share today is related to the distribution of your luggage; let us remember that its organization is based on the number of passengers on a flight.

Boarding early will increase your chances of getting better cabin space for luggage based on designated space per seat.

If you’ve ever boarded at the last minute, you know how uncomfortable it is reaching for that bag when you disembark because of how crowded the flight could be.

Valuable time can be lost searching for luggage.

On the other hand, checked baggage leads to a distribution in the cabin that will always prioritize passenger safety. If there is a possibility of unfavorable weather conditions in the flight path that air traffic controllers indicate weight restrictions for better performance and safety. If the flight is over the weight restrictions, they may call for volunteers to disembark and catch the next flight. If there no volunteers, the gate agent has the power to remove people according to the boarding order to be able to start the trip safely.

Remember that the order of disembarkation in many airlines is that the last person to board the plane is the first disembark.

When we check-in for a trip we cannot control the security conditions or anticipate bad times, but as passengers we can take precautions to not be selected to be denied boarding.

So my recommendation from now on is: Think of boarding order and that boarding first could save you a lot of hassle.

When taking off close your eyes and enjoy your trip.

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