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Corporate and sustainable travel in traveling with purpose

A new study by Air France-KLM and @corresponsables has analyzed the relationship between corporate business travel and sustainability.

The conclusions are overwhelming for those of us who dedicate ourselves to this. In consultation with more than 90 experts, the priority criteria for CSR or corporate or corporate social responsibility are the environment with 81%, the social sphere with 75% and good governance with 63%.

This can only corroborate what we said a few weeks ago in the sustainability post ♻️ that when choosing a travel destination. Three out of four #travelers consider sustainability very important when choosing a destination, Sustainability is a commitment, as an individual but also a collective commitment for Travel for Change at VIAHR we have engaged our customers with our #CO2 footprint emissions offset program.

We firmly believe that by working together, airlines, #hotels, operators, partners, customers … we can build a better and more sustainable world.

If you belong to an organization and want to join the change and value your #RSE, do not hesitate to participate in the annual co-responsible publication #2022.

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